Resin Tint & Pin Line Glass Tail Block

Customized Logos Wood & Glass Tailblock Wing Swallow Tail

Abstract Laminate
Fabric Inlay
Glass Tailblock & Glass Leash Loop

Glass on Fins Custom Airbrush

Choice of Mark Angell Logo

Pricing Notes for Custom Sized Boards

The Base Price indicates the lowest price a board can be built. Fins not included in price.

A Base Price board is as follows:

  1. Hand shaped to order and size.
  2. Clear without color.
  3. Sanded finish only; no gloss.
  4. Choice of tail style
  5. *Choice of Mark Angell Logo as shown above.
  6. Incorporated into the price of every board is a standard glass job which includes:
    1. Choice of (1) layer on the bottom of 6 or 4 oz. glass
    2. Choice of (2) layers on the deck of 6 or 4 oz. glass
    3. 2 + 1 or thruster fin setup
  7. PU/PE Construction
  8. Quality crafted as in all custom boards.

Custom Details & Pricing

All Boards shown on this website can be customized to your own personal specifications. If you do not see a model that works for you, no problem. With over 40 years of experience, we can build any size, shape, color, etc board for you.

Listed below are some of the details that we find our customers like to incorporate into their customized boards. As with all custom boards please call us at 808-651-1234 or email us at for specific pricing and questions.

AND/OR Feel free to use the Angell Surf PDF Order form to print out, scan and email back to us or feel free to submit your request via our “CONTACT PAGE”.  Once we have received your information, we can give you accurate pricing, turn around time and answer any questions you may have regarding your custom board.

All details listed below are additional to Base Price board

Customized Logos for Companies - (must have graphic artwork on file)

Color Laminations

Abstract Lamination

Pin Lines (Resin)

  1. Solid
  2. One Side & Pin Line
  3. Special (halo rail fade etc)
Tailblocks & Noseblocks
  1. Wood Tail or Noseblock
  2. Wood Nose & Tailblock
  3. Glass Nose or Tailblock
Glass Loops for Leash

Material Cloth Inlays - As Shown in above sample

Please email us for our Bold print & Fine print design selections as shown on Wahine & SUP Boards. Many color combos to choose from. You can also provide your own cloth if you prefer.

  1. Quad Set
  2. Thrusters Set
  3. Longboard Side Bites Set
EPS/Epoxy Construction

The above will give you ideas for your custom board. For specific pricing please contact us direct for an accurate quote at 808-651-1234 or email at or feel free to use the online forms listed above. All Custom Boards will require a deposit at time of order.

Mark Angell
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