SUP - Stand Up Paddleboards


12’ 6” Downwind Racer

This board was designed to meet all conditions. The entry allows you to race or cruze in the ocean, plus fast and easy to handle in flatwater. The unique entry and bottom contour makes for superior gliding power, creating less paddling which makes for an unreal downwind ride. The precise thickness distribution of the board allows for easier paddling into the wind, making this board your newest best friend. Easy to handle, easy to ride. Victory is at your fingertips!

Single Fin Set-up

Length - 12’6”
Width -  27 1/4"
Thickness - 6 1/4"

Model (price as shown)

White Board w/Black & White

Fine print inlay

$1770.00 - Contact to Order

*Custom Available - Choice of LOGO, Print & Color

Wave Pro

10' SUP

One look at the template outline, speaks for itself. That combined with my “magic” rocker and double-barreled vee blend makes this board your ultimate wave machine. Super maneuverable, fast and stable in small to medium sized waves. The rocker blend also makes it great for recreational paddling as well, in fresh or salt water. This board has all the features for rippin in waves, but can still paddle the distance making it the perfect ride.

Fin set-up is Quad 2+1

Length - 10’
Width - 30”
Thickness - 4.25”

Model (price as shown)

Blue Board w/Black & Blue

Bold Print Inlay

$1360.00 - Contact to Order

*Custom Available - Choice of LOGO, Print & Color


All Around 11’ SUP

Excellent entry level to advanced board. Great gliding capability, making it very efficient to paddle for short jaunts or explore miles of shoreline in oceans, lakes and rivers. Feel like catching a little surf, no problem. Very stable and easy to turn. Bottom has Concave entry to flat to Vee w/square tail.

Fin set-up is 2+1

Length - 11’
Width - 29”
Thickness - 4.25”

Model (price as shown)

White Board w/Pink & Black

Bold Fabric Inlay

$1440.00 - Contact to Order

*Custom Available - Choice of Logo, Print & Color

*All SUPS can be ordered w/o fabric inlay; please contact us for pricing.

*Choice of LOGO, Print & Color

*Color/Fabric Inlay Custom Board Color & Fabric Inlay Combinations can be ordered on Custom order form under details.

Standard board colors are Clear, Pink, Green, Blue & Yellow.

For fabric inlay choices as shown above and to preview all our other fine and bold print color combinations, please email us at and we will send over swatch sample colors.

*As with all our custom boards you can also provide your own fabric inlays and colors.

*Choice of logo as shown on the details page.

Should you have any questions regarding pricing or custom orders please call or email us at (808) 651-1234 or email
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