Mark Angell Specialty Boards


Length - 8’ (also available over 8’)
Width - 18 ½”
Thickness - 2 3/8”

Fin setup: Thruster
(also available as Quad)

Swallow Tail

Construction: PU/PE

Sanded Finish

*Base Price (as shown) - $535.00

*Custom Available

NUI (Big Guy Hot Dog)

Length - 9’
Width - 22 ¾”
Thickness – 3 ½”

Fin setup: Thruster
Squash Tail

Construction: PU/PE

Red Custom Airbrush
Sanded Finish

Price (as shown) - $690.00

Base Price -$640.00 ??Contact to Order

*Custom Available


Same board the pro’s ride, but shrunk down for a smaller guy or girl to rip on. As you can see aesthetically looks like a small hotdog board. As soon as kids learn to ride and get the feel of surfing, this is what they want; not their brothers old 6 footer. They need something to move them forward, plus look killer, not some plank!

Length - 4’9”
Width - 16 ¾”
Thickness - 1 5/8”

Fin setup: Thruster (also available as Quad)

Squash Tail

Construction: PU/PE

Sanded Finish

*Base Price (as shown) - $455.00

*Custom Available

(The Multi-Purpose Board)

This is a multi-purpose board. Use it as a fun board
for the family or great for a big guy.

A great board for parent’s to take their kids out surfing; the perfect way for mom’s and dad’s to spend time on the water with their kids. Kids can even use it as a beginning board for standup paddling. The length and width will give them the stability they need.

Plus, for the big guy that wants a great cruzin surfboard; this is the ticket.  
Length - 12’
Width - 26”
Thickness – 3 ¾”

Fin setup: 2 + 1

Squash Tail

Construction: PU/PE

Blue Custom


Sanded Finish

Please contact us for pricing information

*Custom Available

Green Harvest

The Ultimate "Big Guy Board"; super loose and maneuverable,
catches everything and goes.

Due to the EPS and 5 fin design, it truly harvest the green walls.

Length - 10'2"

Width - 24”

Thickness – 3 3/4”

Fin setup: 5 Fin

Round Tail

Construction: EPS/Epoxy


Sanded Finish

Price (as shown) - $875.00

*Base Price -$715.00 ??Contact to Order

*Custom Available


Finless Surfboard

A unique design styled off of a Hawaiian "Alaia"
and Derek Hynd Finless board.

Tested and ridden at Maalaea on Maui. For those that want
 to experience something uniquely different.

Length - 6’7"

Width - 20 1/2”

Thickness – 2 3/8”

Fin setup: none

Notch Tail

Construction: PU/PE


Sanded Finish

Price (as shown) - $505.00

Stylish Retro

This is your classic 70's old style down rail design. Shaped as a flat deck,  vee in the tail and beak nose makes this a new flash from the past.  

Length - 8'0"
Width - 20 3/4”
Thickness –  2 7/8”

Fin setup:  Single 10" Box
Diamond Tail

Construction: PU/PE

Solid Blue Tint w/white resin pinline
Gloss Polish Finish

Price (as shown) - $675.00

Base Price -$520.00 Contact to Order
*Custom Available

Pricing Notes

The Base Price indicates the lowest price a board can be built. The As Shown price shows the model in the picture, which can include color, pin lines, gloss polish etc. Fins not included in pricing, please see details page.

*A Base Price board is as follows:

  1. Hand shaped to order.
  2. Clear without color.
  3. Sanded finish only; no gloss.
  4. Quality crafted as in all custom boards.
  5. Specialty Boards include a Thruster fin setup.

*Custom boards available in all models

- please see details page for custom options and costs.

Should you have any questions regarding pricing or custom orders please call or email us at (808) 651-1234 or email

Shipping and Handling available outside Kauai - Please contact us for a quote (808) 651-1234

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