Surfboard Buyers Guide


Hi Performance Longboard - 9’ - 9’4 - The name speaks for itself; definitely a “Longboard”. This one I’ve tweaked a lot to make it a super maneuverable board. Nose rides unreal. Turns and comes off the lip like a short board. Effortless to cut back. Loaded with all this stuff, however you can still “cruze it”. Trims unreal.

Baloo - 9'2 - I still consider this to be a High Performance Longboard Design. To give it a more aesthetically speedier and classic look, I pointed the nose and tail. Retro people really like this one. Turns and maneuvers unreal.

Wahine Hi Performance Longboard - 9’0” - Designed very much like my Hi Performance board for men with excellent turning and nose riding capabilities, but still very loose. The shape has been refined for women, but gets the same response as the men’s board.

Wahine Noserider - 9’4 - This board has more area overall. Extra length, width, plus a square tail for stability. It has a nice “V” and tail rocker for greater maneuverability, which balances out for more area; thus enhances turning ability. You can tip ride up there all day long.

Speed Model Long board - 9’ - Modeled after the old 60’s “red fin era.” Classic trimming aspects. If you don’t really ride the “Tip” and into “Soul Arches” and speed, then this one’s for you. A very Classic look.

Noserider (stepdeck optional) - 9’6” - 10’ -
Speaks for itself; more 50-50 to 60-40 rail configuration with a tweak. You can knee paddle and cruise in the smallest of waves on this board. Because of the entry and concave this board gives you major “Tip time”. In the 60’s I was into the stepdeck action. It gave another dimension to the ride. We all remember, Yater Stepdeck, Harbor Cheater, Surfboard Hawaii’s Model “A”, Hanson 50-50, Greg Noll “Da Cat Model” and Bing’s Nuuhiwa Lightweight. Shortly after that Nat Young showed up at Oceanside for the 1966 World Contest on a super short longboard; that’s all she wrote, the shortboard revolution began.


Seafood Platter - 6’ - This board was designed to get the most out of your smallest waves. It still has the capability to go in 4’ - 5’ waves, because of Quad setup and tail design. Wing Swallow have good holding properties. Super fun board.

Plate Lunch - 6’3” - A little step up from 6’ Seafood Platter. Same concept; rips in small waves. This board has a little more float and width. Nose and tail are a little more pulled. This creates more curve through the wide point, which allows up and down carving and holding power.

A-1 Squash - 6’ 4” - This board is also for small waves, however you can take it up to six feet. Good drive and speed through turns. A good transition board from the shorter/wider ones.

ONO - 6’6” - Definitely a Step up board. Will handle solid 6’ surf and if conditions are clean, will handle bigger surf. Super maneuverable board. Easy to transition from smaller board.

A-1 Speed - 7’- This board will handle 6‘-8’ surf. A great Indo or travel board for your bigger waves. Really maneuverable and holding properties. You could take this one and your Little “Pea Shooter” and have it covered for all conditions when you travel.

Specialty Boards

Gun 8’-10’ - No mystery here; The bigger the wave the longer the board. This board design allows you to charge in bigger surf. Excellent holding power, good entry, plus driving power when you really need it. In larger waves the conditions can really vary from clean Indo stuff to the extreme of cold water which definitely makes this a custom order kind of deal. No mistakes kind of board; nobody likes getting trashed on a 12 footer.

Whale Shark (Big Guy Board) 7’6 - 9’ - Some big guys or older guys don’t really want the mini tanker look, so I just eliminated the front end; still has tail area, width, thickness, etc. Looks a little more conventional, without the full nose. Easy to ride, very maneuverable, catches waves unreal. Makes older guys feel young and bigger guys dominate the line-up.

Mini Longboard - This is simply a step down from a longboard. People who mostly ride a longboard, sometimes get bored and want more excitement. This model gives you more drive, turning and maneuverability. It still has a good amount of surface area making it easy to catch waves. Usually a thruster setup, so you get good driving characteristics.

Grommet Model - Same board the pro's ride, but shrunk down for a smaller guy or girl to rip on. As you can see aesthetically looks like a small hotdog board. As soon as kids learn to ride and get the feel of surfing, this is what they want; not their brothers old 6 footer. They need something to move them forward, plus look killer, not some plank!
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