Surfing Etiquette

  1. The person first on the wave or closest to the peak has the right of way on the wave.
  2. Look right and left before you take off. Don’t drop in on someone!!
  3. If you take off in front of someone, pull out of the wave.
  4. When paddling out, look behind you before you jump off your board if caught in the impact zone.
  5. Paddle around the shoulder of the wave, not up through the middle. Use the channels.
  6. During a set, paddle out in the safest direction to avoid the rider on the wave. Make eye contact with the rider.
  7. Don’t always rely on your cord or leash to save you. It can break.
  8. Know your limits. Don’t go out in surf bigger than you can handle.
  9. If you cause an accident, be sure to ask if the other surfer needs help. “I’m sorry, are you okay?” works wonders.
  10. Be Courteous and Respectful of others in the water.
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